IBM Innovation Center for Education prepares students for the industry.

  • Cyber Security

SIEM platforms like  IBM QRadar, MS Sentinel, etc., and Migration Projects.

  • IT Consulting

Cutting-edge solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs.

  • GENerative ai

Guiding clients with Generative AI application development and Training.

  • Training

Dynamic training programs, technical and non-tehcnical to empower your teams

  • SOCIAL analytics

Unique business insights from social listening using  tools like Sprinklr, etc.


HyDIGIT is an expanding IT solutions and training company, driven by a passion for utilizing technology to empower businesses and individuals worldwide.

Our unwavering dedication to professionalism, reliability, and extensive experience sets us apart. 

At HyDIGIT, we go beyond providing solutions; we prioritize cultivating lasting relationships with our clients. ​​ As strategic partners, we guide them through the ever-evolving technology landscape, offering comprehensive training programs aimed at unlocking potential within their workforce and promoting business success.


  • 2013 -  HYDIGIT PTE LTD, Singapore
  • 2018 -  HyDIGIT INC, Philippines
  • 2019 -  HyDIGIT, India
  • 2021 -  HyDIGIT SDN BHD,  Malaysia
  • 2022 -  HyDIGIT (US) INC, USA
  • 2025 -  HyDIGIT EMEA, ANZ.


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  18 Jul 2024 - 18 Jul 2024
  10:00AM - 06:00PM  (SGT)
  22 Jul 2024 - 23 Jul 2024
  10:00AM - 06:00PM  (SGT)


Inviting technology experts to join our elite group


Jose Dela Cruz, Philippines

I appreciate the clear breakdown of the architecture of the PostgreSQL and its importance. Also, trainers are polite, and they handle all the inquiries. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to improve their skills.

Mohammed Bin Rahman, SG

I love that the mentors are experts on this topic and that they tried to make every session fun.I also like that it was interactive and there are practice session and application of the learning.The activities, and the examples provided were clear.

Tan Mei Ling, Singapore

Facilitator has a very good speaking voice that is calm and gentle which is easier to listen. The pacing was right. I like how the co-facilitator makes it easier for us to participate and be comfortable to speak during activities.  Overall, it was a great training session.

Maria Gonzales, Philippines

Trainer did a great job in teaching us all about the technology. Keep up the good work!

Gabriel Santos, Philippines

I love the engagement in group activities, as well as how we are rotated to all the participant to learn not only about the topics but also learn from the perspectives and insights of the other participants. Great training! thank you :)

Alan Li Hu, WSG-HCL SG

The HYDIGIT team has been highly supportive. The courses were clear, and the trainers were supportive. I gained valuable skills for my job. Highly recommended for anyone seeking job-ready trainings. 

IBM Philippines

In depth explanations of the topics were given during discussions.The hands-on experience and practical case studies facilitated the application of acquired knowledge to our projects.

Carmen Lopez, Philippines

Clear, engaging content, and supportive trainers made learning a breeze. Highly recommended for anyone seeking effective and enjoyable training.

(Melissa Tan) IBM Singapore

The soft skills training was very helpful. Practical tips and mock interviews boosted my confidence. I have an interview ready CV now with the trainer's guidance. I'm now well-prepared for interviews. Highly recommend this training!


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