Empower your workforce with our comprehensive corporate training services designed to elevate both technical expertise and essential soft skills. From in-depth technical training sessions tailored to cutting-edge technologies to workshops focused on fostering effective communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, our programs are meticulously crafted to equip your teams with a holistic skill set. 

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Project Consulting

At HyDIGIT, we offer Project Management, Agile Product Development, Niche Technology Proof of Concept, Pre/Post-Sales Consulting, Delivery Management, Offshore Development, and more. Our services cater to diverse needs, ensuring efficient execution and innovative solutions.

Generative AI

We provide expertise, guidance, and solutions related to the development, implementation, and utilization of generative AI technologies. 

We help businesses formulate strategies to leverage generative AI for specific goals.

Our comprehensive training programs provide you with concepts, tools and methodologies, so you can confidently plunge into the new technology.

Cyber Security

We help pour clients proactively monitor their IT environments, swiftly detect potential security incidents, investigate threats, and respond effectively to mitigate risks and protect sensitive data.

We have strong knowledge and experience with SIEM tools, including IBM QRadar, MS Sentinel,  and migration.

Our recent projects include SIEM migration from QRadar to MS Sentinel.

Social Analytics

We  offer social listening and analytics capabilities by  tracking brand mentions, trends and performing sentiment analysis across social media channels. 

We use robust tools like Sprinklr, Hootsuit, Meltwater, etc. and generate detailed reports that help
businesses understand consumer perceptions and market trends. 

It also helps them take data driven decision makeing.

Business Agility  

HyDIGIT has a highly experienced team of Agile and DevOps coaches to help transition your business to Agility.  We offer wider range of services:

1.  Agile Project Management
2. Product development using Professional  Scrum.
3.  Service delivery using Kanban mathodlogy.
4.  Software developement with ScrumXP, Scrumban and ScrumOps.
5. Training on all agility products and methodologies.

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