Language Assessments

Multilingual Opportunities

HyDIGIT has built a robust platform to assess candidates current  skills on various languages and provide reports based on industry standards like JLPT, CEFR, CELI, etc. 

360 Degree Approach

With AI tools for NLP, speech recognition and automatic grading, our platform evaluates all four essential language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

Placement Tests

Hiring Managers! make your  multilingual hiring process easier using our langauge tests and technical tests with managerial access.

Candidates!   Take our tests and attache the report along with your job application for a quick response from the employers.

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Practice TESTS for  
Certification Exams

Certifications serve as stepping stones to a successful career. Preparation tests for certification exams make your certification journey much easier. Individuals and companies can benefit from our practice tests designed for various certification exams, featuring timers, multiple attempts, automatic evaluation, and more.

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Make Your Point

Seeking to empower your organization with effective leaders and proficient managers?

Discover how our tailored workshop cultivates essential skills that elevate leadership, foster teamwork, and refine communication abilities. Equip your team with indispensable tools for success.


Communication Fundamentals:

Listening, Influencing, and Questioning


Exploring Mindsets:

Curiosity, Empathy and 


Building Skillsets: 

Delegating, giving and recieving feedbacks, motivating, negotiating, setting boundaries and resolving conflicts.


Communication Structures: 

Using Contexts and Frameworks to communicate with Clarity

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