Troubleshooting IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V4.5) [6XL631G]

6.4 Hrs

Corporate training

Course Description

In this course, you learn about common issues that can occur when working as a Cloud Pak for Data administrator. You learn how to troubleshoot them, and verify your acquired knowledge by completing the corresponding hands-on exercises.


These scenarios are general recommendations that might differ depending on your environment, workload, and installed services.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Troubleshoot a failing installation of Cloud Pak for Data
  • Investigate Operator issues
  • Verify the Red Hat OpenShift cluster's health
  • Troubleshoot common issues types


  • Introduction
  • Investigate a failing Cloud Pak for Data installation
  • Troubleshoot operator issues
  • Verify a cluster's health


Professional administrators of IBM Cloud Pak for Data 


No certification available.


The professional path is the intermediate level, and it is strongly recommended to complete the associate level path for administrators of Cloud Pak for Data before attending the courses in the professional level path. To be successful in this course, you must be familiar with the Cloud Pak for Data installation procedure and basic administrative tasks.


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