IBM Cognos Analytics - Departmental Administration (v11.0) [B6091GW]

2.4 Hrs

Corporate training

Course Description

Contains: instructional and interactive content, demonstrations and hand-on simulated exercises.

This Web-Based Training course provides students with knowledge and experience in using the administration capabilities available in the IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0 portal. They will learn how to manage the security environment, perform deployment of application content, create and manage data server connections, view and manage runtime activities, such as schedules, and manage some system activities

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1: Creating and managing team members• Examine the IBM Cognos Analytics security model• Examine the Cognos namespace and capabilities• Work with groups and roles from the Cognos namespace2: Creating and managing content• Overview of deployment• Create and restore a complete backup• Create and restore a partial backup in the Administration console3. Creating and managing data servers• Describe runtime use of data server connections• Describe data server types• Create data servers• Search for data servers4. Managing activities• View status of current, upcoming, and past scheduled activities• Cancel or suspend activities• View and manage schedules• Disable, set priority, remove• Use my credentials to take ownership of a schedule• Create a job to schedule multiple activities5. Managing system settings• Enable a production environment• Configure data file storage


• Administrators performing administrative tasks in the IBM Cognos Analytics portal


No certification available.


• Knowledge of Web application server architectures and security systems administration• Experience using the Windows operating system• Experience using a Web browser• Knowledge of your business requirements


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