IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.2) [J4358GS]

24 Hrs

Corporate training

Course Description

Students will explore IBM Cognos Analytics report authoring and different report object types (list, crosstab, chart, visualization, etc.). They will also create and format reports using grouping, headers, footers, and other formatting options. Also covered is the ability to focus reports by filtering data and using prompts. Students will learn to add value to reports using calculations and additional report-building techniques as well as how to enhance reports with advanced formatting and exceptional data highlighting.


  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting
  • Examine data tables and list reports
  • Create crosstab reports
  • Create visualization reports
  • Focus reports using filters
  • Focus reports using prompts
  • Extend reports using calculations
  • Customize reports with conditional formatting
  • Drill-through definitions
  • Enhance report layout
  • Use additional report building techniques


Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics – Reporting 

-Examine IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting and its interface -Explore different report types -Create reports in preview or design mode -Create a simple, sorted, and formatted report -Examine dimensionally modeled and dimensional data sources -Explore how data items are added queries -Examine personal data sources and data modules Examine data tables and list reports -Create a data table -Group, format, and sort list reports -Describe options for aggregating data -Create a multi-fact query -Create a report with repeated data Create crosstab reports -Format and sort crosstab reports -Create complex crosstabs using drag and drop functionality -Create crosstabs using unrelated data items Create visualization reports -Understand visualization categories -Create and customize visualizations -Understand client-side visualizations -Create enhanced map visualizations Focus reports using filters -Create filters to narrow the focus of reports -Examine detail and summary filters -Determine when to apply filters on aggregate data Focus reports using prompts -Identify various prompt types -Use parameters and prompts to focus data -Search for prompt types -Navigate between pages Extend reports using calculations -Create calculations based on data in the data source -Add run-time information to the reports -Create expressions using functions Customize reports with conditional formatting -Create multilingual reports -Highlight exceptional data -Show and hide data -Conditionally render objects in reports Drill-through definitions -Introduction to drill-through definitions -Navigating to related data -Introduction to bookmark references Enhance report layout -Force page breaks in reports -Format data and report objects -Modify existing report structures Use additional report building techniques -Enhance report design with report objects -Add objects to reports -Convert a list to a crosstab -Reuse objects within the same report -Share layout components among separate reports -Choose options to handle reports with no available data  


Report Authors


No certification available.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using IBM Cognos Analytics as a consumer


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