Loading dashDB Tables Using the Command Line Processor [K04002GW]

4 Hrs

Corporate training

Course Description

This offering teaches cloud database support staff how to use a Command Line Processor (CLP) to load data into a dashDB for Analytics or dashDB for Transactions database.

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• Selecting tools for loading data into dashDB tables• Cataloging a dashDB database• Creating dashDB database objects using the CLP• Table organization for dashDB tables• Table compression for dashDB tables• Using the IMPORT command to load data in dashDB• Using the LOAD command to load data in dashDB• LOAD recoverability and restart• LOAD processing for row compressed tables• Table statistics for newly loaded dashDB tables• Using EXPORT to create files for loading data• Loading a dashDB table directly from a query result• Using database recovery history to review load processing 


Data Analysts or Data Administrators 


No certification available.


Knowledge of relational database fundamentals is required. Some experience creating relational database objects and load tables is recommended


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