IBM DS8000 Implementation Workshop for z Systems [SSF1G]

24 Hrs

Corporate training

Course Description

To learn the DS8000 storage subsystem and its hardware components and logical structure. You configure the DS8000 storage subsystem using a DS8000 Storage Manager GUI and review the DS CLI interface for scripting configuration functions. You will also perform dynamic data relocation using Easy Tier function. In addition we have a unit on the recently announced product called the DS8900F.


• Using the history, hardware & software features, functions, and components of the DS8000 family determine the architecture of the DS8880 • Distinguish those elements that contribute to virtualization and the DS8880 • Carry out those steps needed to configure the DS8880, using the Data Storage Command Line Interface (DS CLI) • Carry out those steps needed to configure the DS8880, using the data storage Graical User Interface (GUI) • Outline those benefits of host attachments that will enable higher throughput and lower response times when connecting a DS8880 to your z System • Clarify the features of cache, performance identification, and TPC and their contributions to the ysical and logical setup of the DS8880 • Relate those functions of copy services, flash copy, and global mirroring to business continuity • Summarize the features and functions of the DS8900F• Distinguish the benefits of the three DS8900F models


Day 1

Welcome• Unit 1: Concepts and architecture• Unit 2: Concepts of virtualization• Unit 3: DS Command Line Interface• Exercise 0: Lab setup and preliminary instructions• Exercise 1: DS8000 DS CLI: Installation and configuration• Exercise 2: DS8000 DS CLI: DDMs, array sites, arrays, ranks, and extent pools• Exercise 3: DS8000 DS CLI: LCU, CKD volumes, and PAVs

Day 2

• Unit 4: DS8000 Storage Manager GUI• Exercise 4: DS8000 Storage Manager: Arrays, ranks, and extent pools• Exercise 5: DS8000 Storage Manager: LCU, CKD volumes, and PAVs• Exercise 6: DS8000 Storage Manager: I/O ports configuration• Exercise 7: DS8000 Storage Manager: Other functions• Exercise 8: DS8000 Easy Tier: Dynamic volume relocation

Day 3

• Exercise 9: DS8000 Easy Tier: Dynamic pool merge• Unit 5: Host attachment• Unit 6: Performance, tuning, and monitoring• Unit 7: Business continuity

• Unit 8: DS8900F Introduction


This course is for system administrators, architects, and storage specialists. Anyone who needs to learn about DS8000 implementation and experiment with them on a real test configuration.


No certification available.


You should have completed:

• Introduction to Storage (SS01G)• An understanding of DASD and data sets and how clients hosts access directly or through FICON channels. 


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