Application Consultant-DevOps

Job Description

help assess the infrastructure and processes, identify areas where improvement is needed, and develop and implement a plan to improve those areas. If you're looking to help with implementing DevOps practices, then a DevOps engineer is likely the best option.

Required Skills

Must Have skills GITLAB & TERRAFORM Service Requirements Practitioner will perform work related to: (i) Automation CICD onboarding (ii) CICD Code and Deployment pipeline builds (iii) Automation CICD production deployment support; according to the following criteria: - Complete all CICD onboarding tasks in collaboration with the development team s effort less than 80 hours - Build Code pipeline Lower environments (Development or Non-Production) for application - Build Deploy pipelines Lower environment for cloud or on-perm deployment Support Services - Support Code pipeline build on a daily basis - Create all required service accounts for access to artifacts and On-prem server deployment through Service Now (SNOW) requests - Create the Deploy Runners based on Implementation Patterns

Education Qualifications

Any degree with suitable experience